Unpacking NFTs, the brightest new sparks in the art world

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  • The boom in sales for nonfungible tokens shows no sign of slowing down.
  • NFTs are digital assets that enable collectors to purchase artworks without fear of fraud.
  • A new platform wants to attract a digital-native audience to collecting art.

NFTs differ from regular artwork in many ways

Previously a designer with a keen interest in digital artists, Che founded ArtGee in 2020 with the objective of raising the profile of digital art in Asia. But not surprisingly for such a new format, there is still much confusion among the general public — as well as within the art world itself — as to how NFTs work.

Felicia Che, the founder of ArtGee

Building a new generation of art collectors

Based in Shanghai, ArtGee is focusing on the primary and secondary NFT markets, working with artists to create original content, and curating online exhibitions and auctions both on the company’s website and on virtual platforms, such as Decentraland. The idea is not only to help discover new Asian NFT artists, but also to work with collectors who are eager to break into the NFT market.



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ArtGee Official

ArtGee is a decentralized art ecosystem around digital assets (NFT), which provides service for digital art transaction, curation, auction and investment.