TORA Background Story「Chapter 3」

1. High King

He is the chosen one, who rules everyone. Some consider him as the incarnation of God, some think he is the most powerful one who establishes the empire. Everything about him is a mystery except that he seems so young.

2. Apostle

No one knows how long they have lived. Since the empire was built, they have been the apostles, maintaining the balance of different species and alignments. They possess their territories and hardly ever appear in public unless something severe happens. “It’s time for some change.” That’s what they say most. Only the high king can convene the apostles.

3. Noble

Born to be the ruling class, the nobles are the administrators de facto. With different characters, they have different alignments. The only common denominator among them is the nobility and power in their bloodline.

4. Generals

Generals are the leaders of the army and protagonists in history. Over the years, they have kept the peace, settling civil disputes and defeating the evils. Every general devotes whole life to the empire, remaining various heroic stories. Living legends, that’s who they are.

4. Wizard

“They are so gifted!” That’s how others think about wizards, which is not exactly right. Magic is both great and dangerous, thus only those with a keen intellect, unwavering discipline, and long-term practice may walk the path of wizard. They can summon raging flames to incinerate distant targets and blinding snowstorms to limit movements. Furthermore, some wizards can generate enhancements and heal the wounded to assist their allies. The powerful magic can dominate the battlefield easily, but wizards just want to create a bigger fireball next time.

6. Captain

As symbols of order, captains are the most efficient executors of the high king. They always keep calm and ruthless, while only few know they are soft inside. Captains are trained as a leader for decades, not only from the combat part but also from the mentality and perseverance. Either the combat officers or the administrative officers, they always stand directly in front of their enemies, inspiring all the team and defending weaker members. Captains are not heroes, but silent guardians and protectors of species, empire, and justice.

7. Knight

Knights are all battle masters. No matter what kind of weapon they are wielding, knights are always shining in the center of battlefields, engaging their foes up-close and destroying them without hesitating. However, knights don’t like any fighting missions assigned by superiors, instead, they are more passionate about one-on-one conflicts, where they can show off their unbeatable skills and enthusiasm for battle. They are crazy, rude, arrogant, but powerful.

8. Warrior

Warriors are the most loyal fighters of the empire, who are highly trained in weapons including melee ones and long-range ones. These mighty warriors are strong and intrepid on the battlefield depending on their heavy armors and shields. Wherever and whenever the war needs them, all they do is to deliver high damage with spheres and bows and protect their allies from enemies.



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