TORA Background Story 「Chapter 2」

  1. Magenia

Magenia is one of the stronger nations in the world of (TBD), as they reside in the mountain region with great metal and mineral resources. First merely a trading nation, the Magenia slowly discovered the potential political and military power the resources they sit on can generate. Since then they have started forging weapons and have built an unstoppable army, thus establishing a great reputation for their nation. The Magenia is proud and reliant on its mechanical weaponry.

They believe in order and structure and have built a society where all citizens are granted the same rights regardless of gender and sexuality.

2. Oakstump

The Oakstump resides in the forest region for generations and has a strong bond to the natural habitats. They respect and fear, and believe that everything they own is provided by the forests. Rightfully so, the forests have been a great fortress and shelter for the people of the Oakstump. Though the Oakstump believes in peace, in recent years their habitats have been corroded by the element of ice, now they have to find a way to keep and protect their territories.

The Oakstump longs for wisdom and harmony. They never involve themselves in other nations’ business and have always followed their elders’ lead. The people of this nation possess a magical power that can manipulate and control the plants in the forests.

3. Lavis

The Lavis live in the mountains like the Metal Kingdom. They don’t, however, possess the same metalworking skills and technology as the Metal Kingdom and therefore rely on basic mineral mining with their skills to control fire. They are extremely jealous of the power the other three nations have and have been plotting against them. The Lavis are mysterious and conservative.

There is a group of prophets in the tribes that have developed the ability to foresee the future, but the prophecies are only revealed to the leader and the lords of the tribes.

4. Aquifis

The Aquifis resides by the coastline. They can possess the tremendous power of the ocean and have expanded their territories with great speed. They have developed the ability to control the element of ice in the past decades and have been invading nearby areas with that power. Even though this has caused serious damage to the habitats, very few tribes can stand up to the force of the Aquifis.

The people of the Aquifis live with great pride. Since they don’t have any natural enemies, they have gained total control over the ocean. They have cut tides with the other nations and are now living in isolation from the outside world.



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