The History of Crypto Art Starts Here

Written by ArtGee

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ArtGee was founded by Ms. Felicia Che. She is the first person to bring the concept and technology of blockchain CRYPTOART “encrypted art” to China. With ArtGee as the coordinate, Ms. Che established the first cryptographic art community in China and led the elites of the blockchain industry to systematically understand the cutting-edge knowledge and information related to NFT, which help standardize the industry system, and accelerate the global development of China’s encryption art field. It is worth mentioning, one of the ArtGee consultants, Mr. Cao Yin is the managing director of Digital Renaissance Foundation. In October 2020, ArtGee has curated the first SuperRare show in China, which is also the first real crypto art exhibition in China.

The ArtGee team has an excellent core team. The founder Ms. Felicia Che used to work at CHAINNEWS, who has been deeply involved in the blockchain industry for many years and is also a crypto art collector. The curatorial team members have worked at Sotheby’s and Phillips, and graduated from Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York, Columbia University, London School of Economics and Political Science, and University of the Arts London- Chelsea College of Art, etc.

ArtGee is a comprehensive decentralized artwork ecosystem. It is committed to establishing an encrypted art archive, encouraging academic research and exploration of encrypted art, and recording encrypted art in the annals of art history, which includes the establishment of its own collection system “SHANGHAI Artel”, art foundation “G1 Arts Fund”, art exhibition virtual space, high-end auction “Gee”, cultural community, and free art trading market “Market”. ArtGee will become an unprecedented model in the field of encrypted art.

The collector exhibition “SHANGHAI Artel” and the foundation “G1 Arts Fund” in the Collections section will continue to improve ArtGee collection system, effectively activate the circulation and presentation of existing collectors’ artworks through curatorial exhibitions, appealing to more industry-related institutions to participate, expanding the far-reaching influence of encryption art on a global scale. The concept and meaning of the encrypted cultural community are conveyed through the collection, attracting more public or art lovers to engage and understand the fun and necessity of the virtual exhibition presentation form, so that ArtGee could help lay the foundation of culture and art for the sustainable development of the NFT industry.

The Gee section will hold on/off-line and virtual artist-themed exhibitions, special invitation exhibitions, and VIP collectors auction previews, etc. VIP auctions will adopt a private and secure diversified auction model, and the core is to provide collectors and artists with the highest quality auction services, aiming to become “Sotheby’s in the digital art world”. ArtGee is actively trying to develop the derivatives industry chain of online exhibitions, and truly realize the reciprocal transformation from on-chain to off-chain. Through the cultural and creative products derived from online exhibitions, we hope to attract more young people to participate and interact for breaking through the many limits of art encryption products.

The Market section is a free trading market for artworks, providing users with a freer and broader circulation platform. Users only need to log into through their wallets to display all the encrypted artworks scattered on multiple platforms in their wallets, then selectively put them on the shelves for circulation, which is extremely convenient and efficient. The platform will implement strict two-way review standards for artists and collectors to ensure the quality of artworks. The purpose of ArtGee-Market is to create an one-stop platform that is super friendly to collectors, art lovers and artists under the pain points of the scattered distribution of high-quality encrypted artworks. Another highlight is the social nature, where collectors can directly interact with artists and support their favorite works, so whether you are a collector, artist, or art lover, welcome to open up a new art experience at ArtGee!

The ArtGee cultural community is committed to gathering community forces through a variety of on/offline art-related activities, promoting encrypted art education, improving the art appreciation level of the community, analyzing market dynamics and trends, actively encouraging the interaction and participation of all encrypted art lovers, to inject new energy and vitality, to jointly promote the prosperity of encryption art.

We look forward to everyone entering ArtGee to start a unique encrypted art journey. Here, you not only can harvest everything about encrypted art, but also witness the process of writing encrypted art into art history, Collect ArtGee, Enjoy Metaverse!



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