The First SuperRare Artworks Exhibition In China

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5 min readMar 8, 2021


26, 10, 2020, IOSG teamed up with SuperRare, ArtGee, Digital Renaissance and ChainNews to present the Crypto Art Exhibition The Time of Variation in 1933 Shanghai, China.

1933 Shanghai, China

Crypto Artists:Pak, Esteban Diacono, FEWOCiOUS, Federico Bona, Jonathan Wolfe, mercpin, Facundo Scenna, Jazmine, Frenetik Void, Etiene Crauss

Curator:Jacky Kong, Felicia Che

Supported by:SuperRare, IOSG, ArtGee, Digital Renaissance, ChainNews

26, 10, 2020, IOSG teamed up with SuperRare, ArtGee, Digital Renaissance and ChainNews to present the Crypto Art Exhibition The Time of Variation in 1933 Shanghai, China. This exhibition is the first and the most important crypto art exhibition in China because it is the first time that SuperRare’s Artworks were shown in Chinese physical space. As a parallel event of the 7th “Old Friends Reunion” — IOSG 2020 DeFi Summit, this exhibition aims to promote and enhance public awareness of NFT artworks, bridging the gap between artists and people in the blockchain field. Whether you are interested in elegant and peaceful digital paintings or want to experience strong visual artworks, here is an exhibition that can satisfy all your aesthetic needs.

The curator Jacky Kong and the curator Felicia Che, who is the CEO of ArtGee NFT Art Ecosystem said: The exhibition theme is ‘variation’. It has two meanings, the first one means variation lies in the form, intending to highlight the rich forms of digital art, which can break the limitations of the traditional art forms, advocate the exploration beyond static and normal content, and incorporate more complex dynamic narratives. It tries to make the abstract concepts like time, regularity, flow, and speed more visible. The second meaning is that if there is one word that can summarize 2020, it is ‘Impermanence’. We have lost too much, and we have actually felt that the world is so unpredictable. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. We hope to use the medium of art to record what happened during this time and keep all good memories with a broad mind.

The second meaning is in order to convey a philosophical idea and have an attitude of “Don’t be alarmed by dead branches”. We hope all the confusing and untrue events that happened this year will turn into meaningful things. Even if the stars are moving, we are still gathering in Shanghai today, writing music together, and leading the new order of the industry with our rhythm.

The high-end position of SuperRare platform is in line with the logic of collecting artworks, and the high threshold for artists to settle in largely guarantees the quality of the artworks. The big deal volume of SuperRare makes it take the lead and proves the validity of high-end brand positioning. Good community building and regular high-quality digital art exhibitions expand the coverage of digital art. It has gradually become the cornerstone and standard of the digital art industry. The SuperRare chain art gallery has the functions of offline art gallery exhibitions, auctions etc. and solves the common problems of originality and authenticity of traditional art collections through NFT.

ArtGee is a decentralized art ecosystem focused on digital assets (NFT) such as art deals, curation, auctions, etc. ArtGee has different contents including thematic curation, crypto art news broadcast, SuperRare weekly and monthly market reports, and update crypto artist dynamics, etc. to show the changes in the crypto art market for art enthusiasts. In the past few years, ArtGee has built a bridge between the Chinese market and international crypto art platforms like SuperRare. It not only makes up for the information gap between different countries, but also brings crypto art and digital art to the public.

In this exhibition, there are more than ten artists participating and nearly a hundred artworks are on show. This article selects some of the works from this exhibition for display, which is also an authoritative and professional crypto art investment recommendation.



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