Keeping up with Machines, Discipline and Emotion in Marcelo Soria-Rodrígue

Madrid-based Marcelo Soria-Rodrígue is a digital artist and co-founder of øraf and Trecone Solutions. With a background in engineering, he has always been committed to using data and high-tech to explore the fields of creative culture and education, flattening the hierarchy of education and breaking down the rigid mode. Meanwhile, he wants to bring more opportunities to the uneducated people. Due to his relevant experiences in innovation engineering and digital areas, his generative works often contain a language that is both rational and sensual. When he collectively created an artwork with machines, he had a different idea about his partner. He reckons machines as his collaborators, rather than tools.

polycircle composition #7153429.5

During the pandemic, Soria-Rodrígue’s works reached an explosion, producing more than 50 works within a year, including diverse forms of painting, generative art and audio composition. The most iconic series is Polycircles collection, inspired by Sonia Delaunay and František Kupka’s concepts of geometric abstraction, his Polycircles collection re-interprets this impact and gave his own response to it. He has coded a system to generate the works, constantly modifying the parameters and experimenting with different palettes in the minting process. The circles are kept tangent, intersecting, diverging, or compatible with each other, spreading and extending out of the frame. The whole work is divided into serval parts by circular arcs and occupied by different colour-block. Such compositional works examine the artist’s aesthetic of colour and composition, both of which Soria-Rodrígue handles with aptness. He is also at ease with both tones of highly saturated and low-brightness, that is to say, his own aesthetic system is beyond those programming and technique. These orderly arcs and colour-blocks represent his reasoned mind, while the reflective writing behind the works reveals his enriched perception of art.

polycircle broken ensemble iii is a page where Soria-Rodrígue reflects and records his inspirations, and where he has published interviews with other digital artists. It is this parallel pattern of reflection and creation that has led Soria-Rodrígue to iterate on his work in a process of self-reflection with others’ opinions. It can be learned from Soria-Rodrígue’s article that he is not only obsessed with the STEM area but also embraced classical music and fine art. His artworks and himself perfectly prove to us that rational and emotional are not dichotomous thinking, but the relationship can be fluid and complementary. He believes that even generative art and machine can trigger the feeling of the public. Concentric rings in his works spread outwards are like ripples, and the images that he produces through constant adjustments are like the cobble he drops in the stream of digital art. The public’s thoughts and emotions about this are the best echoes for him.

a sample entretiempos execution; 2022, Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez

Entretiempos is a new series that he has minted this year, it is an extension and evolution of Polycircles Collection. In this series, his work becomes moving images and enhances the interaction between the viewer and the work, allowing the audience to control these moving images, pause, loop, speed up or slow down the works, as well as download and save any frame from the moving images, and attached detailed instructions for using the work. These rings, which are in ongoing loop mode, are Soria-Rodrígue’s thought of time scale. The works try to pull the audience out of the context they are immersed and allow them to peer into the scale of time and its decay. It also links to the emotional aspect that the artist is always interested in. He attempts to figure out whether emotions can arise in artificial intelligence systems, by observing how artificial neural networks learn from images generated by another machine, offering insights into the potential risks of AI, and suggesting ethical governance. Under this new series, he hopes to change the cognition of the system by operating it at the level of human reaction and constitute the broader cognitive of AI.

No hay respuestas, sólo decisiones — cycle variation 2

Marcelo Soria-Rodrígue is constantly exploring various creative languages in relation to machines. He visualises music and compositions, by generating rectangles and lines of varying sizes or lengths. The bright colours leap out of the screen like the intensity and melody of a tune. Both of his works explore the possibilities of art in a technical method. He infuses the works with profound thoughts on algorithms, GPU, and AI. This visual language allows the viewer to have more resonance with the machines and programme. Furthermore, these thoughts and feelings will flow in-between the rational and the sensual level, serving as a ceaseless source of feedback for the artist. We will also witness another iteration of Marcelo Soria-Rodrígue’s generative art within his critical reflection.



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