Frederik Heyman: Cyborg in Post Gender World

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This article is going to talk about Frederik Heyman, a visual artist that Arca often works with. His works are one of a kind, which are recreation based on the concept of cyborg. He is one of the top technology flow artists in crypto art, and the value of his works has reached a certain height. Let’s take a look at Frederik Heyman’s post human era!

Heyman’s work splices the human body with machinery, continuing in the tradition of Ned Ludd, Fritz Lang and Donna Haraway in questioning how the things we humans make might make us in return Technology and human body are usually the protagonists in his works. Perhaps what makes audience uneasy is that he makes what we know visible and decides to ignore it: Although technology is regarded as a tool to liberate human and enable us to gain control, it also controls us in a secret way. His works imply or warn people to have the respect for technology in the future.

Frederik Heyman x Y/PROJECT FW19

Frederik Heyman’s works are a balance among a variety of media. The outcome are mainly created in digitalized environment, mostly digitalized installation and videos. In each work, every element and action is carefully designed and defined in advance. This can be seen in his business works as well as personal works, which can be more eclectic.

In his work, Frederik Heyman uses photogrammetry to stage digital worlds out of relics of the past. Because one needs time to experience three dimensions, a 3D-scan is a bearer of duration. This duration gives Heyman’s work a narrative element which is often amplified by (mechanically induced) movement and timed text. For Heyman, the 3D-scan is not only a means to conserve the past, but also a means to recycle the present and an attempt to shape the future.



Edition 1 of 1


Edition 1 of 1

Ceremonial Formality explores the post-human body under influence and in interaction with technology, the desire to overcome humanity. A surrender to an external higher force, the protagonist taking control via mechanics to reach an emotional state of empowerment. “A consciousness untethered to any physical thing.” This work was originally created for ShowStudio.


Edition 1 of 1

In 2017, Heyman converted the data from his own MRI-scans into 3d meshes via medical software. A digital sympathy flower arrangement was created. These flower arrangements are usually meant to express condolences and to honor the life of a friend or loved one.


Edition 1 of 1

This digital installation is an extract from the award winning campaign “13” for GENTLE MONSTER, created in 2019. The campaign has been screened globally, coming to a climax on Times Square. It depicts the intimate connection between two individuals overcoming the limits created by the physical space. The desire to connect transcends the natural laws, with technology as the protagonist escorting them on their post-human passage.


Edition 1 of 1

VIRTUAL EMBALMING, an award winning film for Nowness. This specific sequence is curated by topmodel Kim Peers. She was asked the question: “ How do you want to be remembered in the future?”. These digital memorials are a way to project ourselves into the distant future and be remembered by generations to come, exactly as we want to be. Heyman used 3D scans to create frozen moments in time, digital installations constructed out of relics of the past. This was not only to conserve what once was, but also to recycle the present and an attempt to shape the future. These images, whether based on fact or fiction, tell us how people want to remember and be remembered. They expose the desire to overcome time, space and a physical presence.

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