ArtGee x SuperRare Spaces Exhibition | She: The Beauty Seen and Unseen

On 20th December, 2022, ArtGee will present the group exhibition “She”: The Beauty Seen and Unseen on the renowned crypto art platform SuperRare, to showcase the diverse and unignorable beauty with the works of 18 female artists featured. The exhibition will focus on the expression of women’s perspectives in different cultural backgrounds, discuss on the prejudices and challenges women encounter when surviving and struggling in the torrent of multiple identity issues of race, class, sexuality and more, as well as exploring what kind of role art could play this process to realise its value — especially in the context of crypto art, the continuous expansion of creative boundaries and the improvement of freedom and communication of art in digital network may bring more possibilities for the topic.

With colourful visual language and multi-dimensional creative forms as its sails, this boat of art would still sail towards an oasis of speculation and humanistic care.

As said by Beauvoir in “The Second Sex”, one is not born, but rather becomes, a woman. Under the intersective influence of political, economic and cultural environments, the balance is usually tilted with disguised privilege or in a straightforward way, making women’s spirit and power back in the essence of human beings easily overlooked. Female artists are encountering the same situations in the professional industry , the redundant attention they receive due to identity may be lost from the art creation itself, and the crisis of anonymity and alienation has never really been eliminated. But it is also under the pressure of this second sex shaping and the exploration of the predicament, that “she” glows in a unique way-the love and beauty that are seen and unseen can become the language used by female artists to talk to the dilemma, and becomes a flower coming along with the gunpowder.

This exhibition brings together female artists from different regions and cultural backgrounds, including Indonesia, Canada, Iran, Ghana, the United Kingdom etc.. Issues related to identity and culture are the focus of most of the artists’ creations, for example, Iranian artist Solia concentrates on amplifying women’s voices under the pressure of certain cultural and political backgrounds, her works are mostly based on imagination from nature. Naime Pakniyat, who is also from Iran, seeks for inspirations from the collision of traditional culture and modern techniques with using pixel art to interpret the ideas she gained from Persian fine art; and Anna Rogachevaz, who is based in London, uses atmospheric and colourful female characters as the main images of her works, and she has been applying herself to create contents around international current events related to feminist themes; for another artist working with female images is Jacklyn, an artist from Ghana who is also taking the position of design director in Meta, the women she paints are usually presented in a smooth Art Nouveau style, carrying her reflection on themes like innocence, loss and nostalgia with poetic and symbolic narratives. Beyond those the artists’ works are also exploring into a wide range of fields — Canadian-Korean artist IZZZI enjoys exploring sexuality issues related to her own cross-cultural identity context, but her works also focus on the coexistence of various opposites in life; Italian artist Chiara Moreni is expert at interpreting delicate daily emotions with fantasy aesthetics, magnificent magical creatures and female portraits can be seen frequently in her works; while Indian artist Sabina Bano has great enthusiasm for depicting dreamy scenes inspired by reality. Another artist worthy of attention is Riska from Indonesia, she is a storyteller who uses illustrations as a tool and her works are full of magical and delicate fairytale temperament; and the artist Luna, who also has a mysterious art style, is good at applying unique matches of colours and shapes to build cult-like and mystic fairylands with strange and creative ideas in her works.

In addition to the list above, the creative practice of all these 18 artists will present the diverse beauty of women who are not defined and bound by prejudice. Whether light and soft as a feather, or solemn and firm as a rock, “she” always exists in an irreplaceable posture, as the confidence and strength blooming in the core of this existence are creating all beautiful possibilities all the time.



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