ArtGee Exhibition News| Pak: Between Black and White

Pak: Between Black and White

2022.4.17 20:00 UTC+8




Decentraland (-41, -24)

ArtGee is proud to announce our upcoming Pak: Between Black and White solo exhibition, featuring different NFT series and project works by anonymous digital artist Pak. For Pak, the NFT marketplace is not only an object of critical commentary but also a way to engage audiences in interactive conceptual art. Each NFT may be part of its own series or an evolving conceptual artwork.

Everything about Pak is intriguing — just like the cryptocurrency market that drives artists’ careers. No one knows if Pak is an anonymous artist or a team of creators. He pushes the limits of what NFT can achieve as a medium by making art and other collectibles more accessible as well as mass marketable through complex and innovative code.

“I like to experiment because it’s a new medium, and I believe I can use this new medium to communicate my creations,” says Pak.

At the same time, Pak took steps to limit supply and retains control of work’s value in order to prevent some corruption in the trading market: when two smaller masses are merged into a larger one, the first two are destroyed in the process, balancing creation and destruction and supply and demand. Another way in which Pak limits supply and retains control of a work’s value is by trading NFTs for their cryptocurrency, $ASH, on their platform burn. art. You can submit an NFT, which then goes to what is essentially a black hole and “dies” or becomes inactive, and you receive $ASH in return.

It is also a way for Pak to use its NFT work as a medium, thus creating more scenarios for the public to use the work and making it more widely available and circulated.

“I believe significance of a work’s value should not be defined by one person who is willing to pay for it,” they say. “And that’s exactly why my value is not controlled by a few wealthy investors: I try to build a community and rise together.”

For this solo exhibition, we have planned more than Pak series of different works, representing different stages of the artist’s digital art creation at different times. We have also placed this solo exhibition in ArtGee’s gallery on decentraland, transcending the barriers of space and geography. On the opening night, ArtGee’s founder Felicia Che will also lead participants to view Pak’s works and experience his creative vision.

​Absence Routine, 2021
Ten Cubes, 2021

The top-selling “Merge”, which generated $91.8 million in sales in December 2021, is one of the most expensive NFTs. This work pioneered the open edition of NFTs, changing the trajectory of collecting and investing, with buyers limited only by the 48-hour frame rather than the quantity of quality available. Pak’s NFTs have been sold on platforms including Sotheby’s, Nifty Gateway, MakersPlace, SuperRare, and Async Art.

Merge, 2021

Many thanks to the following collectors MotokoVault, ShortsHoward, NIWIN and AsHOnthEWaLL, whose support and participation made this exhibition possible.

MotokoVault: He was a pivotal figure in the crypto art scene, digging up and collecting the work of artists of different styles at a very early stage: Beeple, Pak, Osinachi, Frenetik Void, X_COPY, Killer Acid, blacksneakers, Mad Dog Jones, and FEWOCiOUS.

ShortsHoward: A superb collector of NFTs in the United States, he is one of the few people in the world who knows Pak best and one of the few who can communicate directly with him.

NIWIN: As an early art collector and consultant, and having run many joint online exhibitions, Niwin collects NFT projects such as Pak, XCOPY, PR1MAL CYPHER, Beeple, RTFKT-MNLTH and Pixel Vault MintPass.

AsHOnthEWaLL: The largest Pak Chinese community in China, together with ShortsHoward, has formed the MAD NFTs community to provide a better information and community environment for NFTs lovers in China, dedicated to recommending good artists and works.

With the development of digital art, more and more talented artists have emerged, and Pak is one of the most highly regarded. ArtGee looks forward to sharing his spiritual world and unique artistic expression with you through this Pak solo exhibition. We invite you to explore this groundbreaking exhibition with us on 17th April at 8 pm(Beijing time) on Decentraland, which will also be streamed live on Tencent Conference.



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