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This article brings you a unique artist——Arca, a Venezuelan musician who started to make a name for himself after 2010. She was called a gifted producer by Björk. She has collaborated with FKA twigs, Kanye West, Frank ocean and other famous singers. She is rooted in underground electronic music, but brings her unique style into the mainstream pop music. In April of this year, she released her first NFT work on SuperRare. She added a label to interpret her art, Diva experimental.

Arca is also known as a queer artist, but her art practice has gone beyond the discussion of gender and identity. Many of her works express the relationship between people’s multiple selves and the universe, and between individuals and groups. These expressions become metaphorical symbol elements in her works, which are integrated with her music and visual design to make stronger expressions. Her superior artistic perception gives her works more purity attraction.

Any avant-garde artist dares to explore in the new field. Arca has entered the NFT field, starting her Diva Experimental and publishing her first NFT work this month. Unlike other musicians, Arca did not choose to collaborate with well-known visual artists. Her first work on SuperRare is the calligraphy she created for her album KiCk I, which released in 2020. Her second work is the MV of the song Nonbinary and her third work is her painting.



Edition 1 0f 1

“ This image, my first NFT, is the original calligraphy all KiCk typography is sourced from. I painted each symbol in sets of three during a trancelike state. ”


Slur ⚧

Edition 1 of 1

“ Slur ⚧ is a painting which depicts a playful demonic gaze. Its title, Slur, for me suggests an alchemical transformation of the different slurs I’ve been called throughout my lifetime. The work constitutes a gesture of invoking prejudice as materia prima, a catalyst/fertilizer for my faith in strangers, including those who have at different points had the intention of alienating me with their words. The gesture of this piece is meant as a means of love in the face of fear, hoping to allow for an encounter with numinous love in the face of prejudice and cruelty the context of groupthink-fueled bullying be it in recess playgrounds or on the streets day to day. ”




Edition 1 of 1

Arca repeatedly implores the listener to “speak for your self-states,” amidst an eruption of artillery fire and thundering kicks. “I’m asking for recognition that we have multiple selves without denying that there’s a singular unit,” she says, “I want to be seen as an ecosystem of minor self-states without being stripped of the dignity of being a whole.” For Arca, it’s about bringing together all of these different facets of (the) self and her work without having to feel beholden to any given one.

For the video of Nonbinary, Arca collaborated with visual artist Frederik Heyman. Video credits: Directed by Frederik Heyman, Concept and scenario by Frederik Heyman and Arca Symbolic gestation by Alejandra Ghersi.

The appearance of Arca on NFT stage brings not only celebrity effect and unique aesthetic. More importantly, It means that crypto art is developing in the direction of diversification. As Arca said, if NFT can become a way for artists to survive and a medium to express themselves, it can open up a broader space for artists. When an art magnetic field has more expressions of minority cultural groups and a variety of voices, it will become the art for everyone, and the art for world.

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